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D I M E N S I O N S    S E R I E S
T H E   A R T W O R K   O F   J O N   R A T T E N B U R Y
An Emerald in the Rain 36x24 Purple Passion 15x30 Spring Awakening 24x36 Silent Passion 24x36 Autumn Rhapsody 36x24 The Dawn Willow 24x36 Yellow Gold 15x30 Spring Sakura 36x24 Winter Solstice Dreams 24x36 Euphoria 1 24x18 The Golden Forest 24x36 Evening Rose 18x24 Evening Whispers 36x24 Spring Bloom 48x20 Here Comes the Rain Again 20x48 Spring Renewal 24x36 Moonlit Lullaby 24x18 Together We Are One 36x24(1) The Black Swan 36x24 Emerald Love 36x24 Euphoria 2 24x18 Autumn Wonder 36x24 Sakura Lullaby 36x24 D Spring Arrival 15x30 Graceful Moment 30x15 Under the Willow Rain Song 48x20 Sunset Glory 36x24 Fall Leaves 24x24 The Oak and the Moon Scarlet Passion 36x24 By the Water's Edge 24x36 Colros of the Season 24x24 Forest Heart 24x24 Grove of Memories 36x24 New Beginnings 24x24 Scarlet Dream 36x24 Dream Under the Willow 24x36 The Bench 24x24 Winter Harmony 36x24 Colors of the Season 36x72 Triptych December Lullaby 18x30 Frozen Beauty - 36x24 Crystal Wonder 28x22 Deep Winter Oak 36x24 Emerald Beauty 36x24 Spring of Life 36x72 Frozen In Time 36x24 Golden Beauty 36x24 Autumn Dance 24x36 Secret Swing 24x36 Wave Dimension 1 Wave Dimension 2 Wave Dimension 3 lightbox jquery videoby v5.9
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Dimensions Series Information

Rattenbury Dimensions Series on Aluminum. A unique process created by Rattenbury combining varying combinations of composite aluminum, modeling paste, polymer clay, glass, sand, stone, acrylics and metallic acrylics on aluminum giving a beautiful dimensional look and feel to the images! Each piece captures the beauty of natural world around us and is truly unique as there is no way to reproduce the work due to its three dimensional properties.
Glass bead embellished umbrellas
Golden polymer clay leaves ready for final assembly.
Composite aluminum tree after attaching to background.
Composite aluminum trees after attaching to background.
First step grinded metal waterfalls for "Colors of the Season". 
Fourth step laying in background colors.
Second step adding color to waterfalls.
Final triptych image "Colors of the Season" after adding trees, leaves,
final detailing and resin coat. 36x72 aluminum.
Third step preparing to paint trees.
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© Jon Rattenbury. All Rights Reserved. Website by Rattenbury Fine Arts.